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Available Technologies
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PEPS© Units
        ●   Plasma Energy Production Systems*
        ●   Replaces outmoded boiler heating methods
        ●   Polution-free, radiation-free
        ●   COP is now unlimited (verified)
        ●   Stable at 3400 C
                    * PEPS© copyright 2011
                    * See Update on About page

        ●   On-demand production
        ●   High-output and efficiency
        ●   Portable units of all sizes
        ●   Water reclamation / purification
        ●   Excess wind power storage
        ●   Highly-efficient hydrogen-boron plasma system

        ●   Super-conductive wire of various materials
        ●   Super-conductive at room temperature

        ●   Low-differential thermo-electric systems
        ●   Zero-differential thermo-electric systems

        ●   Magnetic
        ●   Electro-magnetic
        ●   Electro-magnetic induction
        ●   Self-resonant circuits developed in 2007
        ●   Atmospheric
        ●   Photon electric-driven
        ●   Zero differential photon
        ●   Photon-driven differential
        ●   Generators that utilize self-supplied power**
                    ** Videos and photos coming soon!
                    ** Our generators use no magnets of any kind.

        ●   Electric
        ●   High-efficiency
        ●   Hyper-efficient motor-generator systems
        ●   Motors that utilize self-supplied power

        ●   Interfacing biology with clean power
        ●   Higher-yield greenhouses & aquaponics
        ●   Self-sustaining agriculture/permaculture
        ●   Soil remediation & water purification
        ●   Environmental & habitat restoration
        ●   Bio-insulation & building materials
        ●   Biomedical applications

Important Notice
Please read our Terms

Please note that we are not manufacturers, and do not sell a finished product. Being a small and highly-specialized group, we have no interest in setting up our own manufacturing facilities. Instead, we sell directly to the companies which manufacture products or power, and we assist them in developing the precise applications that they need for our technology.

GES will only negotiate sales with qualified buyers. Certain technologies will remain company proprietary, in that we reserve the right to conduct ongoing research and development.

Contact us for information about potential applications for any of these advanced technologies.

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