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About GES

The Global Energy Systems Commitment:
To solve the world's shortages by utilizing the Earth's most abundant resources to operate the cleanest, safest, and most efficient devices for the production of energy.

Who We Are:
Global Energy Systems is a development-stage company. Our Research and Development team is scattered across the United States, working to discover and perfect clean, efficient low-cost energy solutions. Our technology has been independently verified by some of the world's leading scientists.

The team consists of dedicated inventors: engineers, scientists, and manufacturing experts, who think outside of the box to bring you the most efficient and proven solutions to meet your needs. The Research and Development department is equipped with state of the art design and testing equipment to provide accurate documentation, backing our claims 100%. Our experts hold over 400 patents in fields ranging from hydrogen to electronics to mechanical technology.

What We Do:
We develop advanced technologies to sell to qualified buyers, and assist those buyers with applications. Please see Terms for purchasing.

What We Have to Offer:
We have designed a variety of innovative technologies that take advantage of sources of energy in unique and highly efficient ways. Our generator technologies utilize electromagnetic, magnetic, and atmospheric energy. We have also developed high-output and hyper-efficient electric motors. We have developed multiple techniques for exponentially increasing the output of thermoelectric chips far beyond the industry standards, including operating efficiently at zero differential. Our unique treatment for wire makes it super-conductive, which has endless applications from reducing line loss to improving audio quality. Our high-efficiency plasma systems are fully controllable, and produce no pollution and no radiation, making them an ideal solution to replace coal or nuclear fission power in decommissioned plants. Our unique plasma processes have been third-party validated by several nuclear physicists and engineers. We are working to devise novel new techniques for using our clean power sources to enable low-maintenance high-efficiency permaculture and greenhousing in hostile climates. Our technologies are consistently reproducible, and fully scalable to suit the application. (Please see our
Products page.)

No more idle windmill time:   Our engineers have produced a hydrogen on-demand system that is completely unique because it can use any type of water, including seawater. It is the most efficient on-demand hydrogen system in the world. This system does not use any stainless steel components for the production of hydrogen, and produces high volumes of pure hydrogen and oxygen gases. Excess power from wind and solar collectors which is currently unused can now be stored by being converted on-site to large volumes of hydrogen, greatly increasing the overall production of clean power from alternative sources. For more information, view the PowerPoint or slides.

We have never applied for, nor have we ever received any taxpayer or public funding, nor government grants or contracts, nor private grants, nor venture capital. We owe no money to banks or other entities. We are not seeking investors, nor are we offering stocks. We are completely self-invested and self-supporting. Our products are not research theories to be explored, they are all working proven technologies that are available at fair market value. We require permission from no one to sell our products.

If you are a manufacturer or commercial energy producer, and have a need for clean low-cost energy, contact Global Energy Systems today.   NOTE: We do not sell product rights to brokers or other middle-men. Brokers are welcome to their fair commissions, but technologies are only sold to legitimate companies capable of manufacturing-contract performance.

What We Will Not Do:
The high-tech and energy tech fields are choked with charlatans, thieves, dark agencies, brokers trying to get rich off of the work of others, and all manner of other phonies. GES is disinclined to entertain any of these, and will only deal with legitimate inquiries for the purchase of our technologies. Security will be strictly maintained with NDA's and background checks. Thank you for your understanding.

2016 Update on PEPS©:
With well over $50,000,000,000.00 (50 Billion US Dollars) already spent on research and development of new energy in forms such as LENR, fusion, and plasma, GES has spent less money than what the daily interest fees would be on the amount spent in tax dollars and by investors on other plasma and cold fusion projects, such as Defkalion, Rossi, Brillouin, Black Light, NASA, MIT, and ITER. In spite of this, GES is the only company or group which has completed the phases of theory and research, and is well into the application development phase of their PEPS (Plasma Energy Production System) project. They are also the only ones with full controllability and scalability, and their verified COP (7.5 minimum) is several times greater than the next highest published COP. They are also the only ones with a completely clean, radiation-free and pollution-free system. The PEPS technology is ready to be purchased for use in large (or small) scale power generation.

Note: Information in the above charts was based upon publicly published data. The
webmaster would appreciate being apprised of any errors or new information, and will promptly make any corrections necessary to bring the information current. Thank you.

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Our God is the God of Israel, the One True God; "I Am".

Disclaimer:   (Humorous and ridiculous, but a sadly necessary legalism.) GES does not use crystal balls, so cannot account for unknown elements such as government agencies, black-ops, secret societies, visiting space aliens, or other bizarreness; barring such, we are part of a very small group of inventors who have the most advanced energy technologies of their kind in the world. If one of our products is not uniquely superior to anything currently on the market, we do not promote it at all.

Copyright 2009-2016 by GES. Contact the webmaster for webdesign inquiries.

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